Welcome to the future of coding productivity!


Building remarkable software is a multi-faceted effort that takes the best of personalities, skillsets, strategies, and technologies. Productivity, performance, quality, and timely delivery are forever adversaries in the real world where organizations have finite resources.

YouGen Sharp is the answer you've been looking for!

  • Generate top-quality solutions based on your relational databases in mere seconds and simply integrate your proprietary business logic as service modules.
  • Own 100% of the solutions, projects, and code you generate.
  • Reduce total cost of product development by up to 90% by eliminating developer time spent on boilerplate and CRUD coding. 
  • Crush the timelines on your MVP deliverables by up to 90%. 
  • Modernize, standardize, and linearize your architecture. 
  • Upgrade aging .NET Framework codebase to .NET 6 or 7 in a fraction of the time and effort.
  • Upskill your developers on new coding conventions, new platforms, and make agile architectural choices the easy way by giving them fully working, modern codebases to work on.
  • Break free from forever renting Low-code/No-code platform limitations and embrace procedurally generated Full-Code ownership.
  • Avoid the serious security, intellectual property, and code quality risks of participating in public Large Language Model/Natural Language Processing platforms.
  • YouGen Sharp runs on your hardware and never exposes or shares your data, schema, secrets, code, infrastructure, or any other intellectual property, ever.
  • YouGen Sharp only requires an internet connection to validate licensed user credentials.

YouGen delivers the future of coding productivity to your team. Lets get it done!